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Syllabus in itself does not constitute the total learning package. It needs to be supplemented by various other activities which not only bring about enhancement of knowledge but also develop creative and critical thinking among students so as to give them an edge over others. At LJSL, the scope of learning has been widened through various co-curricular activities designed to develop latent abilities of learners and to nurture them to achieve the main goal of effective learning. Main co-curricular activities are as follows:

Mock Trials

Through Mock Trials students are familiarized with the proceedings at lower courts (sessions and district courts), and they personally experience the judgment delivery procedures.Thiswillcreate the base for the practical – on-field training.

Moot Courts

Through the Moot Courts the students are introduced to the working of Tribunals, High Courts and the Supreme Court. Here students try to step into lawyers’ shoes and learn the subtleties of representing a case in a court.

What's your view?

It is very important to have legal as well managerial insight which will lead to be successful career prospective. What’s your View is case study- Analysis forum where students are being given real cases/ ongoing issues/ current managerial- legal topics to study and provide their views through presentation, report etc. which are being evaluated by field experts on regular interval.


Dr.A.P.J.Abdulkalam has rightly said that until you share and discuss your thoughts, your success is doubtful as closed system can never survive long and future is in dark. LEG-A-MAN is a legal management discussion forum where students are provided an opportunity to discuss and analyze various legal and managerial issues as also to express their views, and research-findings on related issues along with a panel of experts. This exposure is helpful in legal as well managerial level grooming of students.

Experts Talk Series

This is a forum where talks by experts, including management tycoons and legal luminaries, are organized, and discussions on current issues based on managerial and legal grounds are conducted to develop students’insight.

Talk & Take

As per the research conducted on modes of learning and different techniques it has been observed that Hundred hours of self-learning and reading is equivalent to ten hours of class room sessions and such sessions are equivalent to two hours of talk with expert and experienced person. Following the rule and in order to make students realize the real world scenario, they are encouraged and guided to regularly interact with advocates and legal practitioners and take their inputs, suggestions, ideas for better legal & managerial career.

Power of Pen – The Writing Club

It has been rightly said that pen is mightier than sword because a sword can only cut while pen can cut as well build you, your image, your personality, your reputation and lot more. For a lawyer it is necessary to realize and to practice the power of pen. Through this activity, the students are encourage and guided to write articles, essays, reports and reviews to be suitably published under the guidance of legal luminaries.