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Mock trials

A mock trial is an act or imitation trial. It is similar to a moot court, but mock trials simulate lower-court trials, while moot court simulates appellate court hearings. We, at LJSL, gives the students an exposure of both the kinds of competition, where their advocacy skills for practical life is increased.

Intra Moot Courts

Moot court involves simulated proceedings before an appellate court , arbitral tribunal, or international dispute resolution body. Moot court does not involve actual testimony by witnesses, cross-examination , or the presentation of evidence , but is focused solely on the application of the law to a common set of evidentiary assumptions, facts, and clarifications/corrections to which the competitors are introduced.LJSL tries to provide an extensive exposure to the students to gain all the practical aspect including, moot court and mock trial competitions by organizing intra- moot court competitions and even the event of national level. Our students take part in national level competitions and have won many awards.

Parliamentary Debate

The parliamentary debate is a debating format providing students , a platform to gain these oratory skills in a conducive and informal atmosphere. For a budding lawyer , the biggest setback may be lack of confidence. Facing, opposing and convincing unknown people requires confidence which any parliamentary debate would equip them with. This competition provides them experience of mock parliament discussion and passing of motion and process of law making. We at LJSL, thus, provide the same environment while organizing the parliamentary debate competitions at different levels along with an extensive guidance given by expert which is followed by the competitions.

Client Counselling

We at LJSL understand the importance of the skill development of students through all the angels including training them for ‘dealing with client’ part. Professional Legal Education should necessarily focus on the lawyering skills. Client counselling is a vital skill in which the students of law should be trained. One of the significant functions of a lawyer is to advise the people who seek assistance in knowing the legal implications of their actions. The lawyer is looked upon to facilitate decision making in certain critical legal matters. This function of the lawyer influencing and facilitating decisions is called counselling. Bar Council of India, the highest professional body of lawyers, has a key role in Professional Legal Education. It has drawn up a detailed scheme on practical training consisting of professional ethics, bar bench relations, contempt of court, moot court, pre-trial procedures, negotiations, interviewing and counselling, drafting of conveyances and pleadings, legal aid, public interest lawyering etc.

Model United Nation

MUN is an exercise in research, public speaking, and teamwork. These are skills that you will need throughout your career, and MUN gives you a chance to practice them while you’re a student. And so, keeping this in mind, LJSL provides an amazing platform to the students to learn and even apply the skills in practical life.


It also becomes very important to test and build your general knowledge about literature, history, geography, science, sports etc.for the self development and enhancement of knowledge. As an advocate, arguments preparations along with ‘quick answering technics’ becomes very vital. Thus, at LJSL students are given an opportunity to take part and prepare the different competition including quiz. To test the legal knowledge special legal quizzes also organizes.


It is very important to re-discover the lost art of debating, irrespective of the social or political situation, one belongs in, especially for law students, as they have to enter into healthy amount of debates and therefore having proper debating skills become an essential part of their legal life.